Boulder City COVID-19 Updates

The health and safety of all visitors to Boulder City are paramount and the Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Authority (LVCVA) is committed to providing our visitors, community and industry partners with accurate and timely information about traveling to the destination, as well as to ensure that we continue to provide a safe environment for those who are visiting.

The LVCVA continues to work closely with state and local officials, public health officials, and partners in the hospitality industry to keep the city and its residents safe and healthy, as we know that many of those most significantly impacted include hospitality workers and businesses. While we work every day on the destination’s response to the virus, we are also preparing our industry for recovery.


Latest Updates

September 29, 2020

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak announced a new meetings directive to increase attendee limits to 250 per room or 50% of capacity (whichever is less), with the opportunity for up to 1,000 attendees at larger venues, effective October 1. The capacity limit of 250 attendees is in addition to staff or entertainers at an event.

The limit on the number of people allowed to gather in one room is 250 and up to 1,000 total attendees subdivided into neighboring rooms or 50 percent of the venue’s capacity, whichever is less. Proper safety protocols must be in place, including social distancing, dedicated ingress/egress and minimized sharing of restrooms and food and beverage stations.

Additionally, larger venues with more than 2,500 fixed-seating capacity may have up to 10 percent of total capacity at an event or gathering, provided attendees are seated and divided into distinct, independent sections that allow for social distancing. Proper safety protocols must be in place, including social distancing, dedicated ingress/egress and minimized sharing of restrooms and food and beverage stations. All venues seeking to host more than 250 attendees must submit a safety plan for approval by the state.

As the state increases the limit for gatherings, guidelines including the state-mandated use of face coverings in public and strict 6-foot social distancing requirements will remain in place.

For more information and resources regarding Gov. Sisolak’s Updated Guidance for Safe Gatherings, please visit

Earlier in the month the Nevada COVID-19 Mitigation and Management Task Force, created by Gov. Steve Sisolak, lifted previous restrictions on operations at bars, including those located in resorts, restaurants and casinos throughout Clark County. Bars, restaurants, casinos and other businesses will still abide by the state’s 50% capacity limit.

August 24, 2020

Nevada’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has launched COVID Trace, a digital contact tracing app designed to slow the spread of COVID-19. The app uses Bluetooth technology to check phones in close proximity of those associated with positive COVID-19 cases to notify users of potential exposure. COVID Trace is voluntary, free and available for Nevadans and visitors to download on both iOS and Android phones.
While manual contact tracing remains a necessity, COVID Trace is an innovative solution to shorten the notification timeline.  The app captures contacts that an exposed person may not remember or may not know personally and provides a potential exposure notification. COVID Trace uses the latest technology to maintain anonymity and user privacy.
COVID Trace is an valuable resource for both leisure and business travelers to Las Vegas. Visitors may download and use the app while in the destination. Upon their return home, they would be notified if they encountered a contact who subsequently tested positive for COVID-19.
For more information on COVID Trace, click here.


As we all experience the unprecedented impact of the coronavirus on the economy of Southern Nevada, below are additional resources to help us navigate to eventual recovery.